Thomas De Vita
Adjunct Professor/Art

Degrees & Institutions Attended
MFA, Miami International University of Art & Design
BFA, Saint John’s University

Awards & Honors
1973, First honorable mention: Robert Cassedesus Piano Completion Fontainebleau France

Tom De Vita was born and raised in Queens, New York. He has taught at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Barry University and Broward College. He also owns De Vita Studio, Inc. with his wife and fellow artist, Lynda. De Vita Studio develops reproductions of Master Paintings, Murals, Fine Art and Design and has created art for the Van Dyke Café, St. Patrick’s Church, and Miami Children’s Hospital.

Artist Statement
My work is about finding a harmony in dissonance by embracing disjunctive relationships of portraits with overlays of my own personal semiotics.
My quest in portraiture is to capture the essence of the personality of the individual as well as to evoke unexpected narratives and possible rereads. It is intended to engage the viewer through maximum ambiguity and dislocation.