John Kaufman, Ph.D
Assistant Professor/Art & Visual Arts Coordinator
Central Campus, Bldg. 3, Office 107, 954-201-6507

Degrees & Institutions Attended
M.A. and PhD, City University of New York
B.A., University of California, Berkeley
A.A., Delta Community College

Awards & Honors
I have some, but I won’t list them. I think professors should be humble and let their teaching speak for them. And I think works of art speak best for an artist.

I grew up on a farm in Michigan, left for San Francisco in the 1970s, studied and learned about art in New York City for almost 20 years before coming here for the new millennium.
Art is something to make us think, feel, and be more human. Nothing can replace visual art as a way to reach us in very specific, intellectual, perceptual and intuitive ways. Art can be made from anything and everything. Good art gives us a sense of satisfaction and discovery. Personally I make art that is conceptual and performance based. I think of my art as an event. Usually there is an installation that remains. To me what remains is like a crime scene, with traces of evidence relating to the body or the process of making objects.