John Foster

Degrees & Institutions Attended
MFA, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
BFA, Florida Atlantic University
AS, Spring Garden College
Coursework taken at Philadelphia University

Artist Statement
Substructures: Works in Clay
“Substructures continue to be the basis and point of departure for my work. The beauty of underlying systems that are seldom seen but often contemplated exist and are often more provocative than the obvious.
The tuber/bone/branch work explores the significance of combining different underlying systems that refer to the human figure. Through both the form and the surface, a sense of grotesque beauty evokes emotional turmoil and visual curiosity. These responses are strongly mirrored in the convoluted coloration of each piece produced by the varied and unique effects of the firing processes.
The viewer is encouraged, and indeed has no choice, but to bring their own personal subconscious self and all the uncommon experience therein to build a singular psycho-emotional response to each piece.”
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