Cynthia Simpson
Adjunct Professor/Art

Degrees & Institutions Attended
MFA, C.U.N.Y. Brooklyn College
BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art

Artist Statement
“We take home and language for granted; they become nature and their underlying assumptions recede into dogma and orthodoxy. The exile knows that in a secular and contingent world, homes are always provisional. Borders and barriers, which enclose us within the safety of familiar territory, can also become prisons, and are often defended beyond reason or necessity. Exiles cross borders, break barriers of thought and experience”. – Said, Reflections on Exile
The continuous development of my work has been the cultural influence of Haiti incorporating cultural imagery into the design element of the drawings. The current body of work produced deals with the evolving discourse of a Diaspora experience, what is Home? The discontent from a naïve language to customs has been diminished only to that of memory, dwells the idea of what was or could have been the reality of a remembrance of home, constructs the foundation of my concentration. The use of linear lines creates the imagery from the constant over layering of lines composing the design and unifying the drawings.