Broward College is proud to offer a comprehensive dance program for majors, non majors and the South Florida community. Courses are designed to expand individual knowledge, creativity, academic and artistic abilities while nurturing the career goals of the individual. Students participate in rigorous physical training associated with the profession, which includes the development of technical skills, creativity and performance ability. Courses in Modern Dance, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Dance Composition, and Music for Dance are designed to encourage academic and artistic excellence, while promoting dance as a vehicle of artistic expression important to our culture and society.
The Broward College Dance Ensemble provides students with the opportunity to audition for bi-annual dance concerts held in Bailey Concert Hall. The Broward College Dance Ensemble performs original dance works choreographed by guest choreographers, Broward College dance faculty and student choreographers. Students experience the intellectual and creative process of dance production, costume design and lighting design while honing technical skills needed to perform.

We seek to accomplish our mission by using the following strategies:
     Educate major and non-major students about various dance forms and their influence in our society through physical training, academic research and creative inquiry.
     Provide highly qualified faculty to train, guide, counsel, and mentor students for careers within the dance community.
     Prepare dance majors for transfer to upper-division institutions or pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in Dance.
     Provide performance and teaching opportunities to students and professionals at Broward College and throughout the community.
     Serve as a community resource for dance education and artistic experiences.